Lucas Oil Raceway


Entertain clients and guests in an Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis Suite.

Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis has luxury suites that are available either for yearly rental, or on an event by event basis. 


Suites for the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals are available individual days, or for the duration of the event. 



Drag Strip Suites

Lucas Oil Raceway has two different suite locations for any event on the drag strip; the Iconic Parks Tower or the Concourse Suite. Each option is a great way to entertain clients, prospective clients, employees, employee’s families, and any other VIP relationship. Purchasing a suite for the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals or any other drag strip event is a great way to “Wow!” someone and create a lasting memory. Suites can be rented daily, multi-day, or for a full event with the best price per day being with a full event purchase.

The Parks Tower is located behind the start line at an angle with a full view down the track. The Parks Tower also offers rooftop access to watch races and general event activity with a bird’s eye view. Most Parks Tower Suites can seat 30 guests comfortably and each suite is outfitted with a flat screen TV to view racing replays other guests may not be able to see. Each suite also has speakers linked up with the PA system so you can follow all the racing action. The suites are all air-conditioned and can be catered for any event. Most suite packages contain a limited number or premium parking passes. The Parks Tower does not have elevator access so if you have guests who may be limited in mobility, it would be best to consider the suites in our Concourse.

The Concourse suites are the newest suites on the property with more standing and seating space than the Parks Tower. Elevator access also helps in the cases of those with a handicap or limited mobility. The Concourse Suites have covered grandstand seating outside of the suite and only those who have purchased a Suite can access those locations. Each suite can accommodate 30 guests and come with premium parking to the event. All Concourse Suites are air-conditioned, sound-reduced, and contain TVs with access to event programming. They are located on the West side of the drag strip, run parallel with the drag strip and accessible through Hot Rod Junction. Catering and additional tickets can be purchased separately.



Parks Tower

Concourse Suite

Driver Appearances

US Nationals Only

US Nationals Only




Outdoor Seating

Rooftop of Tower

Private Grandstand

Elevator Access




Sold Separately

Sold Separately


Pro Pits/East Side

Sportsman/West Side

Tickets/Parking Passes

30 Tickets/6 Parking Passes

30 Tickets/6 Parking Passes

Contact Dustin Rumple for pricing or additional questions: 317-969-8639 /


Oval Suites

Lucas Oil Raceway features great racing events on its historic 5/8 mile oval. One of the best ways to experience our track as a fan is by renting our Skybox Suites. The suites are located along the front stretch and reach from turn 4 to turn 1. The suites can accommodate 30 guests and include 15 parking passes. All suites are air-conditioned, handicap accessible, and have grandstand seating access. Suites can be catered with food and beverage.

Skybox Suites provide an amazing view, and due to the noise-reducing glass, you can carry conversations with guests without any issue. Guests do not need ear protection while in the suite, though it is recommended to have at the ready. The noise is still loud enough to give your guests the feel without being overwhelming. Every car is visible at all times while in one of our suites, making the viewing experience exceptional. You won’t miss a second of the action!

Suites can be leased on a yearly basis or rented on an event only basis. Oval suites can be rented during the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals as well.

If you would be interested in suite availability and pricing, please contact Dustin Rumple at 317-969-8639 or

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