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Robinson wins second 10.0 Index at NAPA Friday Nite Rage presented by VP Fuels

Kenny Robinson with Kurt Johnson following the win.
The third NAPA Friday Nite Rage presented by VP Fuels is in the books and Kenny Robinson in his ‘67 Ford Fairlane took home his second win in the 10.0 Index category.  This was also the third time Robinson had made it to the finals during the course of these thrilling Friday night events.

In the finals Robinson was facing John Acton from Indianapolis in his ’64 Chevy II.  Robinson posted a winning pass of 10.052 seconds at 127.16 mph with a .013 reaction time.  The Fairlane Robinson drives is a special part of the family and driving it to victory lane is always a thrill.

“You got to like it, it is a very good race car and we have had it for many years,” stated Robinson following the win.  Robinson won the first NAPA Friday Nite Rage presented by VP Fuels, made it to the finals in the second event and took home the win here tonight but that first win is one that he will always treasure.  “The first one was a great win as it was good to win the inaugural one and my dad and nephews were here and it was neat.”

Taking home the win in the Outlaw Limited Street class was Kris Fewell in his ’69 Camaro, who just three short weeks ago became a new father for the third time when he and his wife welcomed a new son into the world.  Jacob Hunter joins Paige and Shelby, who along with his wife were rooting him along in spirit from their home in Waldron.        

Kris Fewell and his crew following the win.
“My wife is nice enough to be at home taking care of all three of my kids so I could come out and she told me to have a good night and fortunately for me it was a good night,” said Fewell.  “It was outstanding, it was awesome, no feeling like it and it has been a long time coming and I’d like to thank Roger Williams, from Williams Precision Engines, from St. Paul Indiana. Ken Jones and Eric Durastock, one of his employees as those guys helped me out a lot in what I’ve done and where it has got me to.  Also want to thank Patrick from Pro Systems and Mr. Braswell, because without his knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

In the 11.0 Index it was Billy Fields who captured his second consecutive win in the highly competitive class.  Fields was pitted against Jeff Rudolf from Brownsburg and Fields was able to power his ’86 Camaro to the win with a dead on run of 11.000 at 121.56 mph with a reaction time of .006.

“It is never easy and I feel very fortunate to be able to be competitive to do this and to pull two off in a row it is unbelievable it really is unbelievable,” said Fields in victory lane.  “ I want to thank my friend Jarred and my wife because we pulled it in after the last one and had it all apart doing some things to put a belly pan on it and that lead into some other issues and we did a lot of work to it and without everybody’s help it wouldn’t have happened. When I have my wife, kids and buddies willing to drop everything to help you out it makes me feel very fortunate.”

Mike Hazlett was the winner in the Outlaw Pro Mod class and seemed surprised to find himself in the winner’s circle at the end of the night.  When it came to the finals Hazlett beat a faltering Eric Burnett but the troubles in the other lane didn’t keep Hazlett from losing his focus at the job at hand.

“I didn’t really expect to win one of these things but it sure is great since I have.  Old guys can still win can’t they? I figured he was having some trouble starting the car or something because they were kinda holding us up because most time they will pull us in together and get us going but I never saw him and they told me to go so I went.”

Outlasting the competition in Outlaw Limited Street was Darren Hilterbran who traveled from Tipp City, Ohio to compete in the event.  Hilterbran defeated Donathen in the finals with a winning pass of 5.016 seconds at 141.82 mph to a losing run of Donathen at 5.364 at 134.40mph.  

“Track was great all day and kept trying to make it a little quicker and quicker I thought Matt was going to have something for us. I don’t know if he blew the tires off there in the semifinals and it was just a good day of racing. I got to thank team Z Motorsports, Team Unger Racing, Georgia Speedshop, the family, my crew members and everybody,” stated Hilterbran following the race.  “It is a blast.  We come from an area where the track isn’t all that great and we know here the tack is going to be good, you can try to get after it a little bit and go faster than you’ve ever went that is what I look forward to, just trying to get the car faster and faster every time we come here.  I love tracks and atmospheres like this, it is a great place to race."

The Ultimate Dragster was won by Sheldon Bissessar who traveled from Trinidad and Tobago to race in the event and the 9.0 Index it was won by Scott Holley from Fishers, Ind.

 The next NAPA Friday Nite Rage presented by VP Fuels will take to the track on August 12th.

Outlaw Pro Mod
Winner: Mike Hazlett, Indianapolis, IN, ’97 Cutlass – 4.614, 153.95 mph, .098 reaction time
Runner-Up: Eric Burnett, Charlestown, IN, ’05 Cavalier – 7.503, 122.47 mph, .492 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Bill Glidden, 4.101, 171.21 mph
Low E. T.: Bill Glidden, 4.101
Top Speed: Cathy Belcher, 176.30

Ultimate Dragster 10.5
Winner: Sheldon Bissessar, Trinidad & Tobago, ’10 Ironman
Runner-Up:  Eddie Careceia, Mars Hill, NC, ’01 Horton 
No. 1 Qualifier: Eddie Carecia, 3.942, 184.32
No. 1 Qualifier: Eddie Carecia, 3.933
Top Speed: Sheldon Bissessar, 142.81

Outlaw Limited Street
Winner: Kris Fewell, Waldon, IN, ’69 Camaro – 5.689, 120.64 mph, .042 reaction time
Runner-Up: Ron Stinson, Indianapolis, IN, ’84 T-Bird – 6.894, 70.58, .030 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Ron Stinson, 5.390, 142.81
Low E. T.: Ron Stinson, 5.390
Top Speed: Ron Stinson, 142.81

True Street
Winner: Darren Hilterbran, Tipp City, Ohio ’90 Mustang – 5.016, 141.82 mph, .121 reaction time
Runner-Up: Tim Donathen, Zionsville, IN, ’87 Mustang – 5.364, 134.40 mph, .042 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Kevin Neal, 4.870, 149.75
Low E. T.: Kevin Neal, 4.870
Top Speed: Kevin Neal, 149.75

9.0 Index
Winner: Scott Holley, Fishers, IN ’74 Duster – 9.019, 145.56 mph, .007 reaction time
Runner-Up: Craig Richardson, Shelbyville, IN, ’69 Camaro – 9.011, 136.40 mph, .080 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Tim Murphy, 9.034, 115.13

10.0 Index
Winner: Kenny Robinson, Greentown, IN, ’67 Fairlane – 10.052, 127.15 mph, .013 reaction time
Runner-Up: John Acton, Indianapolis, IN, ’64 Chevy II – 9.992, 131.51 mph, .028 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Greg Dillman, 10.002, 129.63

11.0 Index
Winner: Billy Fields, Shelbyville, IN, ’86 Camaro – 11.000, 121.56 mph, .006 reaction time
Runner-Up: Jeff Rudolf, Brownsburg, IN, ’70 Nova – 10.966, 119.69 mph, .047 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Ron Butz, 11.028, 118.87

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