Preseason Test-and-Tune (Dragstrip)

May 1

Chassis Inspection: 7 a.m. (Gate 8)
Gates: 10 a.m. Saturday (Main Gate)
Racing: Noon - 4 p.m. Saturday

Crew & Spectators: $15
Kids 12 & Under FREE!
Racer Car & Driver: $30.00
NHRA Member Racer Car & Driver $25.00 

How To Race?
Pass Basic NHRA Inspection Rules per the current Year Rulebook. 

The following are requirements for street legal vehicles:
1. Shorts are NOT PERMITTED when racing and a shirt with sleeves is required to race.
2. Seat belts must be properly mounted.
3. All windows must be present and in good shape and rolled up fully when racing. (no cracks)
4. All automatic transmissions must have operational neutral safety switches.
5. Doors handles operational inside & out.
6. Battery cannot be in driver’s compartment and the battery must have 3/8 bolts to hold it in place.
7. Batteries that are relocated in the trunk must have external cut off switch to the rear of the vehicle labeled "CUT OFF."
8. Radiator must have proper overflow catch tank.
9. Tires must be in good condition.
10. Carburetor must be covered: if there is no hood, live fan must be removed but an electric fan is OK.
11. Carburetor must have two return springs installed.
12. Rear seat must be installed or sheet metal covering or trunk bulkhead must be installed.
13. Convertibles must run with top up and driver MUST have a full face helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 or newer rating.
14. All vehicles must have at least one working taillight.
15. All hubcaps and trim rings must be removed. 
16. All drivers running vehicles 13.99 or quicker MUST have a helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 or newer rating.
17. Slicks are allowed.
19. If you run quicker than 9.99 seconds you must have an NHRA license. 
20. Unaltered 2008 OEM model-year and newer production cars running slower than 9.99 and 135MPH do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the Summit Racing Series except for the following: Convertibles and T-tops must meet Summit Racing Series roll bar and roll cage requirements, all drivers must meet the Summit Racing Series helmet and protective clothing requirements. 

The following are requirements for street legal motorcycles: 
1. Drivers MUST have a full face helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 or newer rating. 
2. Motorcycle must have a kill switch with lanyard if 11.99 or quicker. 
3. Driver must have leather jacket. 
4. Driver must have leather pants if 120mph or faster. 
5. Driver must wear full finger leather gloves. 
6. Driver must have leather high top shoes or boots. 
7. Motorcycle must have a chain guard. 
8. Motorcycle must have working taillight. 
9. Motorcycle throttle must spring return. 
10. Nitrous oxide is allowed, if securely mounted-DOT regulated. 
11. Slicks are allowed. 
12. No three-or four-wheelers of any kind. 
13. If you run quicker than 9.99 seconds you must have an NHRA license.