Lucas Oil Raceway is looking for season help. 

We are looking for energetic people with great customer service skills to work in an energetic and fast paced environment. 

All candidates: 

Must be 18 years of age

Must have great customer service skills

Must be able to follow directions

Must be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time, endure extreme weather and adhere to the dress code

Must be willing to help in other positions if need be


Will be required to: Sell, Scan & Stub tickets. Check coolers. Handle cash. Assist Business and Ticketing Manager in registration and payouts.  Marketing and Partnership Manager: Eric Flatt, 317-969-8639 or eflatt@nhra.com



Will be required to: Prep the track. Complete time slips and work different areas within the drag strip, pit area, or staging lanes. Contact Race Director: Mike Walker, mwalker@nhra.com 317-969-8664


Will be required to: Work gates. Check coolers and credentials. Assist with parking. Potential all-day and overnight security. Contact Race Director: Mike Walker, mwalker@nhra.com 317-969-8664 



Will be required to: Mow, clean-up property before and after events, and general property maintenance. Contact Race Director: Mike Walker, mwalker@nhra.com 317-969-8664 


Firefighter- Will be required to: Fight potential fires. Handles racecar extrications and help with Hazmat clean-up

EMT- Will be required to: Medically aid racers, spectators and staff. Inspect and stock ambulances and help with race car extrication

*Requirements: Certified; knowledge of Safety Equipment; Extrication and Hazmat

Contact Race Director: Mike Walker, mwalker@nhra.com 317-969-8664 

Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals Hospitality Staff

Complete the application by CLICKING HERE and submit resume to Eric Flatt at eflatt@nhra.com

Race Day Staff

Various positions become available throughout the year, to be contacted once a position is available, complete the application by CLICKING HERE and emailing to lucasoilraceway@nhra.com