Marketing Opportunities


Partnerships at Lucas Oil Raceway are an effective way to reach our avid fan base and deliver a strong brand presence at over 100+ events throughout the season. When partnering with us, you will have the ability to reach a local, regional, and national audience.

Lucas Oil Raceway 2017 Statistics:

· 500,000+ attendees and participants

· 700+ US National Racers

· 1000+ Local/Regional Racers

· 140+ event days

· 115 days of dragstrip activity

· 25 days of oval activity

· 15 hours of nationally televised coverage

Everything we do is customized towards achieving your business goals within your allocated budget.

Opportunities include:

· Title Sponsorship

· Presenting Sponsorship

· Event Night Sponsorship

· Event Area Sponsorship

· Signage

· Billboard

· Suites

· Hospitality

· Event Tickets

· Website

· Public Address Mentions

· Onsite Displays

· Promotional Items



Contact our Marketing & Partnership Manager, Eric Flatt, to schedule a time to discuss Lucas Oil Raceway marketing opportunities at or 317.969.8639 for more information.