August 11 Brown’s Oil Service ET Bracket Racing Results

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Lucas Oil Raceway hosted the final Brown’s Oil Service ET Bracket Race before the ET Finals teams are announced.

In the Hunt & Sons Super Pro Division, Devin Isenhower of Brownsburg took the top spot in is 2014 Amerincan. He reached a top speed of 150.01 MPH and recorded an ET of 4.572-seconds after a .006-second reaction time.

Greg Dillman of Greenwood earned the crown in the M&K Sport Coach Pro division after his 1967 Chevy II reached a top speed of 107.41 MPH. After a 0.43-second reachtion time, Dillman crossed with an ET of 6.249-seconds.

Abby Svoboda’s 2002 Camaro took the title in the Allgaier Sportsman division. The Decatur, Illinois native picked up a 12.420-second ET after a .187-second reaction. Svoboda reached a top speed of 113.59 MPH during her run.

In the Dearry Auto Junior categories, Klein Simpson and Emily Parker were the top finishers. Simpson, a Brownsburg native, reached a top speed of 60.85 MPH in his 2006 Halfscale. He earned his ET of 9.225-seconds after a .138-second reaction time in the minor division. Parker is a Shelbyville native and won the major division in her 2016 HP. She reached a top speed of 81.22 MPH and finished with an ET of 7.956-seconds after a .046-second reaction time. 

Wesley Wells of Greenwood won the title in the Millennium Trailers Bike category. His 2008 Hayabusa finished with a 9.301-second ET after a .018-second reaction time. He also finished his run with a top speed of 146.43 MPH.

The updated preliminary standings can be found by clicking HERE.