G and G Metal Spinners Renews Super Pro Bike Sponsorship

G and G Metal Spinners has renewed their sponsorship of the Super Pro Bike Class, the "G and G Metal Spinners Super Pro Bike Class" as part of the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Bracket Series. G and G Metal Spinners has been a consistent supporter of the Bracket program, both as a sponsor and as a competitor. Scott Kauffman with G and G Metal Spinners has competed in the Super Pro Bike Class as well as many NHDRO events held here at Lucas Oil Raceway.

For over 55 years G&G has given the manufacturing industry a cost effective method of metal forming that cannot be matched by either stamping or casting. They specialize in heavy gauge and short run orders but are fully capable of handling lighter gauge, higher volumes.

For more information about G and G Metal Spinners, please visit their website at www.ggmetalspinners.com.

Lucas Oil Raceway is proud to have G and G Metal Spinners as a partner for the 2016 season. Thank you G and G Metal Spinners!