Weekly Racer Spotlight: Braden Grayless

Lucas Oil Raceway would like to show off a new feature to our website news. We would like to take time out of every week from here on out for the rest of the season to recognize one of our weekend racers! This is our weekly racer spotlight and it gives a small biography and racer profile. Enjoy and be sure to watch for more to come for the rest of this 2017 season! This week we have a participant from a past week's Indy Grudge Series, who had a record setting pass!!


Name: Braden Grayless

Hometown: Born and raised in Fort Wayne but currently residing in the Lafayette area.

Car: 2006 Pontiac GTO


How did you first start racing?: "I think just the overall love of going fast and wanting to be around horsepower got me into racing. My dad was a mechanic growing up so the passion was always there in my blood".


First Car?: "My first car was a 1986 Chevy S10. Nothing special but still nabbed me a few speeding tickets growing up".


Raceday Rituals or Traditions?: "Raceday rituals or traditions are pretty much going over the car front to back. Always double and triple checking everything. Outside of that enjoying the company of close friends in the pits who always want you to succeed".


Best or Most Memorable Race?: "Lots of memories racing but the most recent is what I've really been pushing for the last couple of seasons. I set out with the goal of having the fastest IRS GTO and we nabbed that goal in Indy. What an epic track for us to do it at. All the late nights finally paid off. Hopefully we keep chomping at the clock getting faster but also making the car safer as we go along".


Other Hobbies or Interests?: "Outside of racing traveling south to the ocean is something I always enjoy. My friends are my family so anything we can all get together and do no matter what it is will be a good time. From go kart racing to just going out for a cold beer".