Weekly Racer Spotlight: Damian Stout and Harold McClaine

Lucas Oil Raceway would like to show off a new feature to our website news. We would like to take time out of every week from here on out for the rest of the season to recognize one of our weekend racers! This is our weekly racer spotlight and it gives a small biography and racer profile. Enjoy and be sure to watch for more to come for the rest of this 2017 season! This week we have a special family duo spotlight!

Name: Damian Stout

Age: 12

Hometown: Throntown, Indiana

Car: '99 Bracket Star


When did you first start racing?: "With Uncle Harold".


Raceday ritual/tradition: "Spin my tires and give Grandma a hug".


Best/most memorable win: "Winning the Eagle Race of Champions at Lyons, Indiana".


Side interest or hobby: "Baseball, basketball, golf, and girls".




Name: Harold McClaine

Age: 53

Hometown: Lebanon, Indiana

Car: '71 Nova


When did you first start racing?: "I started racing while I was working at a hog farm with the manager there in 1976 and started in Super Chevy".


Raceday ritual/tradition: "Try to get to the track early".


Best/most memorable win: "I won the Super Chevy pro back to back in 2000 and 2001".