Spring Fling Open Test and Tune


Racers and Race Fans,

We are diligently working on prepping the track in an effort to be ready for tomorrow morning's Spring Fling Open Test and Tune. The track has been a bit of a challenge with the recent weather and long winter, however we are making strides. For tomorrow's Test-N-Tune, we will be limited to single lane runs (Left Lane). We will continue to monitor the weather, temperatures and track conditions, but we are proceeding with plans to open the gates at 9am. Due to tomorrow's forecast, our plan is to begin running as soon as track temperature is at an acceptable level and track conditions meet our expectations. I will say that we do not have a favorable afternoon forecast so track time might be at a premium, so please avoid arriving in the afternoon as we may be a bit hampered by the weather. We look forward to seeing those of you that are able to attend and please bring the sunshine and warm temps. Have a great evening and we will see you tomorrow.

Kasey Coler (General Manager)